Feature Demos

Explore Essential Features and Their Implementation Through Our Short Video Tutorials
Elevate Your Practice: A 3-Minute Overview of Omeging Software
Explore the efficiency of Omeging in our 3-minute guide, highlighting features that revolutionize your practice. From smart case management to secure client interactions and effortless billing, our platform is designed to free up your agenda, letting you focus on what matters most: your clients.
Young Visionary: 10-Year-Old Introduces Revolutionary Immigration Software for U.S. Lawyers
In this inspiring video, a 10-year-old, Sam Geller, introduces Omeging, the next-level immigration practice software for U.S. lawyers. Discover through his unique perspective how this tool effortlessly handles case management, paperwork, and client communication, making a real difference in people’s lives. Join the journey with Omeging and help shape better futures.
Calling a Client using Omeging Software
Switch to a smarter communication system with Omeging Digital Telecommunication! Say goodbye to relying on your cell phone or traditional office landlines.
Enter USCIS notice and create a task in Omeging software
How to enter immigration notice and create a task in 4 minutes using Omeging software
Master Your Schedule: Simplify Legal Appointments with Omeging’s Calendar!
Discover seamless organization for legal professionals! In this overview, we introduce you to the cutting-edge calendar feature of Omeging, designed to revolutionize how you manage your Firm’s time and responsibilities. No more missed appointments or scheduling conflicts! With Omeging, you take control of your day with just a few clicks.
Immigration Case from start to finish using Omeging App.
Completing an immigration case from start to finish using Omeging App has never been easier! In this comprehensive walkthrough, we demonstrate the power and mobility of Omeging, your all-in-one solution for handling immigration cases on the go. Say goodbye to being tied down to a desk or office, and hello to unparalleled flexibility!
Get paid for legal expense instantly (even on your vacation).
Law office on the fly. Don’t miss payments for those legal expenses (even on a vacation).
New client setup in less than a minute using Omeging e-Retainer and e-Signature
Forget the days of back-and-forth paperwork, printing hassles, and prolonged waiting periods. With Omeging’s e-retainer feature, law firms can send retainer agreements digitally to their clients in a matter of seconds.
Fiance Petition in just 5 minutes and remotely using Omeging questionnaire prepared by the client
Office or not. Job done without any mistake using client’s input. Only in Omeging.
Legal practice software overview
We are a team of lawyers and top coders aimed at making legal practice stress free and enjoyable. Each of our products is tailored to your practice area.