Legal e-Forms

Save time and avoid mistakes: Let your clients fill out their immigration forms

Legal e-Forms

3 main reasons immigration clients switch attorneys

  • Mistakes in forms: Errors and inaccuracies in paperwork can erode trust and prompt clients to seek more reliable assistance.

  • Lack of attention: Failure to keep clients informed and engaged throughout their case can lead to frustration and a feeling of neglect.

  • Delayed case progress: Slow movement on cases, often due to inefficiencies or mismanagement, motivates clients to look for a more proactive and timely service.

Legal e-Forms
Boost Error-Free Form Completion: Engage Clients with Interactive Tools and Support

Omeging Client Portal is your tool for mistake-free immigration form completion. Designed for ease and pinpoint accuracy, its user-friendly setup and smart validation ensure clients can handle even the most complex details without errors. Empowering clients directly cuts down on admin work, ensures trust and speeds up the immigration process This is how it works:


EZ Case Assignment

Select an immigration case from the dropdown menu, and Omeging will automatically assign all the necessary forms and inform the client.

Legal e-Forms


Client Notification

As soon as you assign a case to a client’s account, they’ll automatically get a notification prompting them to log in.

Legal e-Forms


Client Portal Access

Upon logging into the portal, the client can view their case details and receive the latest updates.

Legal e-Forms


Forms Completion

The client finishes the forms. For any questions about a specific field, they can directly type their query above the question for the attorney’s attention.

Legal e-Forms


Attorney reviews the forms and requests client's signature

The attorney answers the client’s questions, reviews the completed forms, and requests the client’s e-signature.

Legal e-Forms


Client e-Signs Forms

The client electronically signs the forms. Done.

Legal e-Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

A client or attorney inputs information into Omeging’s online forms, which  subsequently subsequently converted into PDF format for submission to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Yes, an attorney possesses complete control over the client’s forms and has the ability to restrict access for review and modification.

Omeging maintains a vigilant stance on keeping its immigration forms up-to-date, closely monitoring the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for any releases or updates to their forms. The moment USCIS issues a new version of any immigration form, Omeging takes immediate action to incorporate these changes into their system.

Certainly, the ability to add multiple cases and forms under a single client is a feature designed to streamline the management and organization of a client’s immigration journey. This functionality is particularly useful for immigration professionals, attorneys, and case managers who need to handle various aspects of a client’s immigration process efficiently.

Omeging’s approach to generating an individualized document checklist is a sophisticated process that tailors the requirements precisely to each client’s unique immigration situation. This personalized method ensures that clients are only presented with the documents necessary for their specific case, streamlining the preparation process and increasing the likelihood of a successful application.

Legal e-Forms

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